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How to never miss a spot again with inspection tool.

Let's get technical!

Because, I am very good in keeping my promises, we are going to focus on one very useful tool in RealityCapture software.

Imagine scenario:

You have decided that you are going to museum and that you have obtained permission to photograph one object, but you have to do it within one day. After that, you won't be allowed to photograph it ever again.

Now, it can go either very well, because you have read my previous post about taking photos and now your are Pros:)
Or, it can go really wrong, and you miss some spots of the photographed object and you discover it only after you are at your home or office, sipping your coffee, uploading photos and seeing huge hole in your 3D model.

Does the coffee have taste of regret? I bet it does.

However, luckily, with RC you can avoid this horrific scenario.
The solution to this problem is Inspection tool. I have already mentioned this tool in my previous post, but now I want to give you more details, so you really understa…